Rimbey Electric

Rock'n Rimbey 


How does the rally work?

Vehicles will leave the starting area every 30 seconds, marked with large numbers.  A 2-person team (driver and navigator), travel a set road course ( directions will be supplied, in both metric and imperial), at prescribed speeds and directions, passing through one or more 'checkpoints' until arriving at a final destination.  Along the way there will be questions to answer which will be worth points.  The team will be deducted points for every minute they are ahead or behind the official time, as they pass through the checkpoint(s) and arrive at the final destination. Additional passengers are allowed, but your team will be penalized 3 points per extra person, over the age of 12. The minimum age of the navigator is 12 years old.

In addition to the course directions, one sealed envelope will be given to each team which will direct them to the next checkpoint, to get back on track, if they get lost during the rally.  Points will be deducted if the envelope is used.   The winning team will be the one who ends up with the most points.  The entire rally should be completed within 1.5 hours. All teams will have their total points posted, due to popular demand. 

Prizes will be awarded in the following order: 

1. The most points (two prizes per car)

2. The runner-up, in points (two prizes per car) 

3. The highest combined ages of the driver and navigator (two prizes per car) 

4. The lowest combined ages.  (two prizes per car)

5. The oldest vehicle (one prize for registered owner)

6. The farthest away registered vehicle (one prize for registered owner)

Prizes ($50- $200. range), will be laid out on a table (bonspiel style) , for the teams to pick from . Extra prizes will be handed out at the dance as door prizes.


#1 Car/truck Cruise(s) limited to 15 vehicles and will have leader and caboose. Each vehicle will have a map of the cruise as well. 

#2 Bike Cruise will be weather permitting.  

Have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:        PH. 403-358-8141   Email:  [email protected]