Rimbey Electric

Rock'n Rimbey 


                                                                             SATURDAY,   AUGUST 25, 2018


 Pre-registration is only required for Supper Tickets (one week prior) and T-shirts (by July 15) to avoid disappointment. T-shirts will be available at the Car Show on a first come ,first served basis, in most common sizes.                                                        

Please print this page and send with Cheque or money order to: Rimbey Lions Club   C/O Box 1759,Rimbey, AB.,T0C 2J0

Day passes are no longer available.  Please enter each event as it comes up, or include with your pre-ordered supper/dance tickets and t-shirts.



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First ______________________Last____________________________

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Cell Phone ________________________________

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Year ____________Make ______________Model____________________

Year ____________Make ______________Model____________________

Car Club affiliation:__________________________________________

Liability:  You must be registered to participate in any Rock'n Rimbey events.  The undersigned and/or guests of, hereby agree to indemnify all officers, directors, representatives, volunteers/employees of the Town of Rimbey and/or Rimbey Lions Club against any and all alleged wrongful acts, and/or claims resulting from attendance and participation in this event and associated events.  I/we agree to assume all responsibility to follow traffic laws.  Event Exhibitors and/or participants agree to permit Rimbey Lions Club to use event photos for promotion or advertising of the event and future events in print or electronic media, and on our web site(s).

Operation:  Event management reserves the right to restrict entrants to acceptable behaviour during any events of Rock'n Rimbey.  Tire spinning, open liquor or conduct deemed objectionable by the event management will result in entrant and vehicle being evicted from the premises.  This reservation includes persons, things, conduct, printed material or any act or item of poor character which the management considers to be objectionable to the events' well being.  In the case of eviction or restriction Rimbey Lions Club is not liable for refunding fees except at its own discretion.  All pets must be leashed. I have read, understand and agree to comply to the above information.    

Print Name________________________________________________


                            EVENT  COSTS

Pancake breakfast                       $10.00 

Under 6 yrs.                                   free

Show and Shine  Vehicle               $20.00

                                                 ( Spectators   are   free )

Parts Swap Meet                             (to be determined)       

Car Rally vehicle                           $20.00 


Supper                                          $25.00 

6-10 yrs.                                      $10.00 

Under 6 yrs                                    free

Dance                                            $5.00 


S___M___L___XL___XXL___ XXXL___ X $20.00 = $__________

Please pre-order T-SHIRTS before July 15 as only a limited quantity are available at the show.


(no GST required)        GRAND TOTAL      $_______________

Cheques or Money orders only, payable to:

Rimbey Lions Club c/o Box 1759, Rimbey, AB., T0C 2J0

Privacy:  All documentation submitted to us with personal information will be filed/kept in strict confidence.